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Looking at pictures of baby animals improves productivity. A research was conducted by scientists at Hiroshima University who studied the effects that looking at pictures of puppies and kittens have on human behaviour. They showed ‘kawaii’ to 100 students. The result was impressive: those who were shown the kawaii improved their work performance by 10%.Casino online players will have pictures of kittens, puppies and baby pandas!

City Of Staples

  • Author: admin
  • Date: Jul 10,2014
City Of Staples - Amazing images
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  • Becoming An Adult

    • Author: admin
    • Date: Jul 9,2014
    Becoming An Adult - Amazing images
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  • Thanks Dude

    • Author: admin
    • Date: Jul 8,2014
    Thanks Dude - Amazing images
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  • College Prank

    • Author: admin
    • Date: Jul 7,2014
    College Prank - Amazing images
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  • Swag

    • Author: admin
    • Date: Jul 6,2014
    Swag - Amazing images
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