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  • Author: admin
  • Date: Aug 23,2012

Here you can play more than 90 online games, written entirely in HTML and JavaScript.

Full House puzzle game

This puzzle was invented in 2004 by Erich Friedman. First click on an empty square to mark your starting position. After that click on a square to move the ball in horizontal or vertical direction. A game is solved, when no square on the grid remains empty.
Good luck!
Click here to Play Full House puzzle game


Sudoku game

Put the missing numbers from 1 to 9 into the grid so that every number occurs once in every row and column and in very 3×3 block.

Click here to Play Sudoku-game


Cipher game

Unscramble the letters to find the hidden message. Click on a letter in the alphabet or on the keyboard and then on a  letter in the text to exchange the two letters in the text.

Click here to Play Cipher game

Raku game

Flip all the tiles to blue in as few moves as possible. First click on a tile and then on an arrow to flip all tiles along a path in the choosen direction.


Click here to Play Raku game


Lights out game

When you click on a lightbulb the lichtbulb and its neighbouring lightbulbs change. Click on the lightbulbs until all lights are out.
Read the following only when you tried a long time by yourself and could not solve it!!!
Hint: Click until you found a configuration which has a diagonal symmetry axis. After that click always the same on both sides of the diagonal symmetry axis. This keeps the symmetry until you find a solution.

Click here to Play Lights out game




  • Riddles

    I am a suit no men may wear, neither peasants nor kings, yet no man goes without me. What's got by me shall be well known. What lies at me is the reason for things. All may touch me when I am soft, none when I am stone. Lose me and you will falter, yet if I am taken, you will find courage anew. Answer
    A heart.


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