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Funny Riddles and Answers

  • Author: admin
  • Date: Oct 1,2012

funny riddles and answers

Funny Riddles and Answers – collection of riddles for you.

[mytab name=Riddle ] A fat bunny was given a gold engagement ring from her lover. Her lover told her it was pure gold. A day later he found out she ate the whole thing. Why did she eat it?
[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ] He said it was 24 carrots.(karats)

[/mytab] [end_mytabset] [mytab name=Riddle ]

A man was going to buy a $5000 car, but he didn’t pay a penny for the car, how is this possible?

[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ] He didn’t pay a penny, he payed $5000 for the car!

[/mytab] [end_mytabset] [mytab name=Riddle ]

What has two different forms but people used to worship them as one?

[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ] Yin-Yang

[/mytab] [end_mytabset] [mytab name=Riddle ]

One day the queen was in the throne room with the Joker. She tripped and fell flat on her face. She was really ebarrassed so she said don’t tell ANYONE until you see me again. The queen didn’t come out or do anything in the fear of people knowing she tripped. Residents were asking where she was and the Joker didn’t say anything until a man bribed him with money. When the queen saw the Joker again she said “I told you not to tell anybody until you saw me again!” “But I did see you.” replied the Joker. How is this possible?
[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ] The queen’s face is on money.
[/mytab] [end_mytabset] [mytab name=Riddle ] One day, a group of 3 criminals escaped from a prison. They sent a police squad to chase after them. Eventually, the 3 criminals went inside a warehouse and they hid in 3 barrels. When the police squad came, they went to the first barrel. The first criminal, thinking fast said “tweet, tweet”. And the police squad said “Just a bird”. When they went to the second barrel, the second criminal said “meow, meow”. And the police squad said “Just a cat”. When they went to the third barrel, the third criminal said “bark, bark”. The police squad immediately shot the third barrel. How did they know?

[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ]

A dog says “woof, woof” not “bark, bark”. So they immediately knew there was a criminal inside it.

[/mytab] [end_mytabset] [mytab name=Riddle ] Who can jump higher than the tallest mountain?

[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ]

Everybody, mountains don’t jump.

[/mytab] [end_mytabset] [mytab name=Riddle ] A man is caught robbing a bank. He swears he’s innocent and claims it was all a big mistake. The judge says to the man thought guilty, “Tell you what. Both you and the policeman come and eat with me at breakfast tommorow. You shall say the whole truth. If you do, the policeman will pay you all the money in his pockets. If you do not, you shall be immediatly rushed to the prison next door.” The policeman was confident the other man would go, but the other man was proved innocent. What did the other man say?

[/mytab] [mytab name=Answer ]

The whole truth. The judge clearly said, “Tell you what. Both you and the policeman come and eat with me at breakfast tommorow. You shall say THE WHOLE TRUTH.” This makes the man innocent.

[/mytab] [end_mytabset]




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    I walk on all fours. I come in a few different colors. Most of the time I'm black and white, but sometimes I'm brown, cream, and black. Some would say I'm stupid, Some would say I'm smelly, But everybody in history would agree, Well, at least the farmers, That I am key. I can be used for food when I'm dead or alive. What I produce when I'm alive is a common household object and a cookie's best friend. I have udders So when you squeeze them A white liquid comes out; A lot of times it is mistaken for a drink When really it's a food. I naturally grow horns, but farmers usually remove them. The male of my species is well known and swings his horns around. He is in common games that the Spanish consider part of their culture, and he is aggravated by seeing something waved in front of him which is usually red. What am I? Answer
    A cow.


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